What Clients Say

Connie and Horace D.

 “Horace and I wanted to write and thank you for coming to our aid so quickly after the tree fell on our house. It made a world of difference to know that our home would be restored to us in as good (and probably better) shape than before the storm.

Carlos and his men: Jose, Elmer, and Victor worked tirelessly to repair our home, and they did so with such kindness and hard work that we will miss seeing them each day. They greeted us each morning with warm smiles and a willingness to do any task no matter what the weather or conditions.

It is great to have a team that possesses such skill in everything they do. They were very patient with our questions and made a number of suggestions that added to the finished product. We have spoken highly of each of them and the excellent work they do, and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of construction work. We found it refreshing to work with people who take such pride in their work.

Horace and I will look forward to having Carlos and the others back in our home for our next project. Hopefully, it will be a planned project and not “renovation by tree.”

Again, thank you! 


 “I told Eric today that it was really easy having him and Robert in my house. With four kids, and teaching at home, this could have been an unmitigated disaster. But your team has made it as smooth as it possibly could be. My eldest daughter has an anxiety disorder that usually leaves her virtually incapacitated around strangers—that she never broke down while they were here is a real testament to how comfortable we were with Robert and Eric in our house. Thank you!” 

Mariann and Chuck

 “We love the new bathroom! JP was thrilled with his first tub bath last night. He played and splashed and smiled with delight! Those moments are priceless. Please be sure to thank Robert for his diligence and thoughtfulness. He is truly a pleasure to have around. Thank you all again.” 

Sallye B.

 “Thanks for all of the work McMurray Builders did at my house this past month. I would particularly like to commend Robert Huley, who served as my supervisor on my job. He was competent, pleasant, professional and always willing to make an extra effort to get things right. It was a pleasure to work with him.” 

Kenneth D.

 “As Carlos, along with his crew of Jose and Romero, wind up their work at our house today. I wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased and impressed we have been with the work that they have done. We are impressed both with the quality of this work, which they have now been substantially completed, as well as with the care with which it has been done. They have been willing to go out of their way to see that the work was done right. Carlos, in particular, has shown resourcefulness and willingness that we have much appreciated. You are fortunate to have a crew both skilled and versatile in carrying out the great variety of work involved in the renovation of bathrooms and doors. Thanks again for the thought and work that McMurray Builders has but into this project in our home. Margaret joins me in saying to you how pleased we are.” 


 “Carlos and his guys did a wonderful job. It shows in all the attention to detail and workmanship. We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work. We will have to take a picture to show Karine and Malou also.” 

Cathy W.


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new master bathroom and to especially thank Juan Carlos Cruz and his assistant Manuel Ayala. During the demolition of my old bathroom there were many existing problems that Carlos made sure were fixed so that they would not reoccur in the future. He replaced all the current plumbing with new plumbing to insure all the new fixtures would not leak. He checked all the electrical wiring and made sure that everything was as up to code as it should be. He made sure that I was always informed as to what was being done and that I was in agreement with what he was doing. He did not rush but took his time to insure that everything was done as it should be. And every night before he left he made sure that all the work areas were cleaned up.

The finished bathroom is beautiful thanks to both Carlos and Manuel. But my biggest thanks to both Carlos and Manuel has to do with a major plumbing problem that occurred during the time they were working on the bathroom. Unbeknownst to me, I had many small leaks in the existing pipes, which were in the crawl space under my house. They began work on my bathroom on a Tuesday and that night I began hearing a strange noise, which I assumed was just something associated with the furnace. When they showed up on Saturday to continue the work on the bathroom I pulled Carlos aside and asked him if he knew what the strange noise was. After listening for several minutes he said it sounded like it was coming from the crawl space. He then opened the door to the crawl space and went down into it to see if he could find out what the noise was. It was then that he discovered that I had a pipe which had a hole in it and quite a bit of water as spraying out of it. We decided that I needed to have the water shut off at the main outlet and call to have a plumber come out to fix it. Carlos and Manuel continued to work on the bathroom (without any water) and I waited for the plumber to show up. Several hours later a plumber did show up and Carlos explained to him exactly what the problem was and where exactly the leak was. Carlos explained to the plumber that he thought it was possible to dig a trench far enough under the foundation and cut and patch the piece of pipe that was leaking. The plumber then told me that he was not going to do that and that they would need to tear up the downstairs bathroom floor and get to the pipes. He also told me that he could not do anything to fix the problem that day and that he would call me on Monday with an estimate and schedule a time to do it. Needless to say I was quite upset about what he told me. After the plumber left, Carlos told me that he and Manuel were going to stay and fix the plumbing that night. They dug a trench under the foundation, went and got the materials, replaced the bad piece of pipe, turned the water back on and made sure the leak was completely fixed before they left for the night. When they came back on Monday to continue work on the bathroom, Carlos told me that there were several more pieces of pipe under the house that also had leaks in them. On Wednesday when they were completely finished with the bathroom remodel, they stayed and replaced all the other pipes under the house, which needed to be fixed before another major leak occurred. He then came back on Saturday with insulation to put around all the pipes they had fixed.

I believe that there are many contractors out there that would have just turned a blind eye to my problem. But Carlos and Manuel jumped right in and literally saved my day. I will forever be grateful to them, not only for the wonderful new bathroom but for the extra mile they went to help someone out of a really made situation.