Turn Your Kitchen And Bath Into A Daily Comfort

Common Kitchen Renovation Ideas

 The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most popular places when it comes to daily use and renovations. Since these areas are used everyday, why not make it more comfortable and design it to support your daily needs and lifestyle? 


  • Combine the kitchen and family room to open up space.
  • Install an island or breakfast nook for easier cooking and meal preparation.
  • Replace the counter tops and cabinets to give your kitchen a makeover.
  • Install new flooring, paint the walls, or change the lighting to give new ambiance to the room.

If we are working on your kitchen, a temporary kitchen can be setup for your use if the appliances will not be available. McMurray Builders wants to make your experience, as enjoyable and easy as a home renovation project can be.

Bathrooms Can Be Practical AND Luxurious

 Bathrooms can serve two roles. One to help you get going in the morning rush to work by having common items easily available. This can be accomplished with ample shelv-ing and nooks to store hair products, soaps, and towels. Second, the bathroom can be upgraded with a luxurious stand in shower and separate tub. Or we can replace old, ugly sinks and broken floors. You can unwind after a stressful day in the comfort of your bath or spa - convenient and easy. Call McMurray Builders for suggestion on bathroom renovation ideas, counter tops, flooring, and lighting. Ask about our Workmanship Guarantee - valid for as long as you own your home!